Greystone Smile Design
A New Way To Numb

In the dental office, we never mention the “n” word…the one that rhymes with beedle.  If it weren’t for the “beedles,” maybe we dentists would be more popular.  Nobody likes “beedles,” but if we didn’t numb your tooth, we definitely wouldn’t remain friends.

But what if we could numb your tooth without you even knowing it?  Or, better yet, what if we could do some procedures without the use of “beedles” altogether.

At Greystone Smile Design, we are on the cutting edge of dental technology.  Our goal is to make dentistry comfortable – we don’t just treat teeth, we treat people.  That’s why I’m excited to announce one more advancement in our pursuit of pain-free dentistry – Profound topical anesthetic.  This is one of the strongest topical anesthetics on the market.

Do your gums hurt when you get your teeth cleaned?  Those days are over!  All we have to do is simply apply the Profound topical to the sensitive site and waaalaaa – painfree without a “beedle!”  This can also be used for deep cleanings and several pediatric procedures including simple baby tooth extractions and most baby tooth fillings.

For procedures where we do have to use a “beedle,” the vast majority of patients do not feel anything.  After applying the Profound with a Q-tip and waiting about 2 minutes, you will already begin to feel the numbness.  The top teeth are easy – you will rarely feel anything on these.  Even the dreaded “roof of the mouth” injection can be relatively painless.  For the bottom teeth, we can virtually eliminate the injection that numbs your lip and tongue.  Profound is so strong that we can place it around the tooth to be treated and inject only around that tooth – no fat lip, no fat tongue, no drooling, and no slurred speech!

In those situations where we do have to numb your whole head, our anesthetic reversal agent can reverse the numbness in about half the time so you can get on with your day.

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